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I made the leap and migrated the blog to Posterous (a more robust blog platform). I know what you’re thinking, “it looks the same!” Thanks to Good Dog Design, the Posterous blog looks good and integrates well with my site.

My blog needed updating as it was starting to fall behind in this crazy world of social networking. Now I have a much tighter integration with Facebook and Twitter. My old blog was custom designed, which made it really hard to move my posts over to another blogging service. However, I was able to move over my posts with some tricks to get the photos added. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to transfer any of the comments.

I hope you enjoy the new blog and take advantage of the new features like subscribe and having posts emailed directly to your inbox. You can also follow the site and get notified of new posts.

  • michaeltimbang

    I like this engine way better. I’m glad we switched.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Glad yall switched to Posterous! I was just in their HQ to do provide some feedback to their new interface coming soon. Looks to be even better! Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    I hope everything works just fine with this transsition.

  • andrews_photo

    Looks great! I love reading your blog and seeing the great behind the scenes setups as well.