iPad at Macworld

I was approached by Rob (the art director at Macworld) about their up coming feature “iPad on the Job.” We both thought it would be a good idea to try something new. Rather than shoot small sets in my studio we thought it would be appropriate and more interesting to take the photos at the Macworld offices. We wanted to keep it real. Instead of trying to build and style the “perfect” set, we would let an honest and actual desk be the setting.


The one thing I didn’t keep real was the lighting. Each set required relighting to give it the feel and mood I wanted. 

The image selected for the opening spread was photographed in Jason’s (the Editorial Director) office. Good thing he was on vacation—my lighting and grip really made a mess of his office!   It was a refreshing and stimulating challenge to introduce new parameters to our typical process. Looking forward to more such experiences in the future.





  • http://tomgooden.com Tom Gooden

    Great post, but what modeling agency did you use for the FaceTime shot at the end?

  • Anonymous

    Tom I can’t give away trade secrets like that. I will say that we had an exclusive on that model.

  • supereric

    Looks great! One thing I do with my iPad is take it to meetings to take notes, which I assume is a popular use for it in a typical office. I also frequently use it to look up and illustrate examples/illustrations/data that I’ve found on the Internet on the fly to other folks. Hope to see shots of those types of use. Have to be honest: I am no fan of those silly keyboard attachments.

  • aboutWilfredo

    Fantastic work…I’m wondering though why not break the mold all together and bring the office outside? I for one freelance in various locations…from restaurants, to coffee shops, to parks, to tight living room spaces, etc…with my iPad…It’s great to see the iPad out of the studio in a more “real” environment, but I also think this concept could have gone all the way…on that note, I’ve been looking over all these images and attempting to break down your lighting ….darn it, I can’t it! Amazing job Peter..amazing…kudos.