San Francisco Magazine Cover

I was very happy to be asked to work on the October issue of San Francisco Magazine. It is always great to collaborate with clients that have creative ideas.


After talking with them about what they needed I set out to photograph all the parts to create something that looked realistic. San Francisco may have lots of roads with views like this one, but none of them conveyed what I was looking for. Often I would find a good location and have to drive it multiple times to get a good shot with no traffic or the right lighting. I photographed lots of roads, cars, city views and signs to create a composition that aligned with the essence of the feature article. It was like working on a puzzle of photos.


Look for it on newsstands or view the digital version for free here.


  • Anonymous

    Nice cover! cool cars also! I’m guessing those cars where driven that way on purpose? so the cover could have nice looking cars (to avoid real ones)?Have a nice day! Greetings from Guatemala