Exploratorium and SF Magazine.


The Exploratorium in San Francisco has moved in to a new location that’s going to make it one of the biggest attractions in the city. San Francisco Magazine asked me to capture a couple of photos of the new location before it opens. The museum’s crew spent a day moving construction materials and equipment out of the way just so I could get a clean shot. It is a beautiful new space for the museum. I knew I wanted a soft light to showcase the building. We were shooting other areas inside the building when I noticed the sun outside was how I envisioned it would be to capture an exterior photo. We rushed outside and got this shot just in time!
This is my favorite image they used for the spread (plus a behind-the-scenes photo). The magazine is on newsstands now and also free online.


  • http://tomgooden.com Tom Gooden

    Great shots, what an awesome opportunity to see the new Exploratorium. Glad you caught the sunset.

  • aboutWilfredo

    I’m so undecided – do I miss the Exploratorium at the Palace or am I happy it’s moved..ugh…anyways, great shot…