Fun with Acrylic

Peter Belanger-IMG_1597

It’s always rewarding when the client is up for something more playful. In the current issue of Macworld we used circular acrylic to ad some fun to their feature on the two new iPads. It was decided the day before the shoot, thankfully Tap Plastics was able to turn around circular acrylic over night.

I’ve also post the covers to some past Macworld magazines that I never posted

Peter Belanger-IMG_1588 Peter Belanger-IMG_1592 Peter Belanger-IMG_1445 Peter Belanger-IMG_1412

  • Karsten Dekkers

    love it!

  • William De Leon

    Hi Peter! Just wondering how often do you focus stack images? Did you do this for this cover shoot? I’m shooting phone cases for a small client but, they want me to cover the full frame with the product. I’ve been doing some testing and I cannot get it all in tack sharp focus. Is this something you come across all the time? I’ve tried various types of lenses and it’ll be shot on an SLR. I’ve used a view camera before and can probably do it with that, but the client does not have the budget to rent a digiback system. I would love to hear your thoughts.


    • http://www.peterbelanger.com/ Peter Belanger

      Focus stacking has become pretty common for me. Sometimes it’s only 2 or 3 focuses. Once I had over 70 focuses! What about a tilt shift lens on your DSLR? That could give you the control of the plane of focus like a view camera but on your DSLR.