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I made the leap and migrated the blog to Posterous (a more robust blog platform). I know what you’re thinking, “it looks the same!” Thanks to Good Dog Design, the Posterous blog looks good and integrates well with my site.

My blog needed updating as it was starting to fall behind in this crazy world of social networking. Now I have a much tighter integration with Facebook and Twitter. My old blog was custom designed, which made it really hard to move my posts over to another blogging service. However, I was able to move over my posts with some tricks to get the photos added. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to transfer any of the comments.

I hope you enjoy the new blog and take advantage of the new features like subscribe and having posts emailed directly to your inbox. You can also follow the site and get notified of new posts.


iPhone book



I was recently interviewed for a book about iPhone photography by Allan Hoffman. When I received a copy of the printed version I was initially excited to flip to my page see how my interview and photos turned out, but I quickly became completely immersed with all the useful and interesting content in the book.

It’s a great resource for anyone interested in using their iPhone as a camera. What I appreciated is how the book covers everything from the creation to the sharing of your photos. One section reminded me about using Flickr, so I decided to try it out to share my iPhone photos:

You can buy the book on Amazon here: (FYI, I have no financial ties to this book.)





APA Talk


We had an awesome turnout at the Apple Store for my APA talk last night. Thanks to everyone who attended and for all your insightful questions. It was great to finally meet some of you that I only know from cyberspace. I was very nervous about the evening but now that it’s over, I see there was no reason to be nervous. It was an amazing experience.



APA talk approaching


APA Talk

Come see me speak at the Apple Store, One Stockton St. (upstairs), San Francisco as part of the Creative Professionals Series presented by Apple APA, Oct. 14th, 7pm-8pm.

Any suggestions on what to discuss? I want this talk to be about what people want to hear. Your input will help me a great deal. Let me know or just come by to see me make a fool of myself! I’m super excited and nervous!!!

Check out APA’s announcement.


Portfolio update and workflow

We just posted a new portfolio update on our website. Since we like to keep the images fresh and update them often, it is important for our sanity to have a well-organized system.

Aperture is a key part of our workflow. The portfolio, for both print and web, goes through many changes and iterations. Aperture helps visualize how the photos will be arranged for both the online and printed versions.

The first step is to use the “Light Table” feature in Aperture to organize the photos. Light Table allows you to freely drag, drop, crop and re-arrange photos on a gridded table.




Once the order is finalized, we utilize another feature of Aperture and create a “Book” with these images. Book allows us to customize the print size and number of pages. This book is then named with today’s date and becomes our current portfolio live on our website or printed book. As we make edits and additions to the portfolio in the future, we always have the previous versions saved in Aperture which we can reference.




When a printed portfolio is sent to a client the book’s name is added to the client’s name in our contact database. This allows us to track which portfolios a client has seen. We can also go back in Aperture to view all previous versions of the portfolio as needed. It is an easy way to keep a potentially chaotic situation quite manageable.




Billing Work Flow

I’ve always been curious about what work flow people have for billing. I know there are many great programs and online solutions. My work flow is always changing, so I need flexible tools. I prefer software-based solutions rather then web-only based solutions because the software solutions can be integrated with the OS better. I’m often on location and need to be able to access information when I don’t have an internet connection.

I use Blinkbid for my contacts, estimates and invoices.



I use iCal for my calendar along with OX server to host my own iCal server. This allows me to add and edit the calendar from all my computers and from my iPhone. The other thing I’ve found really useful about iCal is keeping track of billing. In the notes area of every job on the calendar I add the date when I invoiced the client and when payment was received. I also add a link to the original email that was sent and attach a copy of the invoice.






During the project I need to keep track of expenses that will help me when invoicing the client. For this I use Evernote. I have a job log in Evernote that my assistant or I can fill out. The great thing about Evernote is that I can edit the job log from my iPhone, web or a desktop client.





When I’m on location I use Scanner Pro on my iPhone to add receipts. Scanner Pro then sends the receipts to Evernote. It makes adding receipts fun and easy.






After everything is billed and payment is received I use Quickbooks to keep track of everything for the accountant.



Like most photographers, I send out email campaigns. They have always been a great vehicle for self promotion. About a month ago I sent an email campaign to about 2,500 prospective clients. I was happy with the results (23% of the emails got viewed). As good as the results were, it was nothing compared with the success of my cover creation video.


The above 80,000 visits are over a 2.5 month period. Compare that to the results below which reflect a years worth of traffic. During most of that year I didn’t have a blog so most of the traffic was to view my portfolio only. This further shows how important the blog is to my web site. That is why I’ve moved the link to my blog from the side menu to next to the portfolio linkit has become just as important.